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Crossbar Switching Systems

by Peter Walker

Peter Walker gave a talk on Crossbar switching at the THG’s AGM in 2000. He has now converted the talk into print. In this article, Peter describes the principles of Crossbar switching and the history of the system.

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The restoration of a kiosk

On 9th June 1981, a red K6 was installed on the ground floor display area of the Telecom Technology Showcase in Baynard House, Blackfriars, London. Twenty years later, on 25th September 2001, it was destined for removal to a more appropriate setting, with the National Kiosk Collection at Avoncroft.

Here we describe the end of an era: The Last Call at Blackfriars...

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Electromechanical switching systems


Strowger is an electromechanical telephone switching system, known by the name Strowger in Britain and some English-speaking territories, and as 'step' or Step-by-Step (SxS) in North America.

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THG publishes four A4 sized Journals each year, packed with news and articles that are written by our members, for our members.


A growing number of THG members have joined CNet - this is a telephone network that uses an Asterisk Voice Over IP (VOIP) system and connects people up all over the world through their broadband connections.  Members have successfully connected old exchanges and equipment to the network, and in the UK we operate using the old STD codes.  See


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1. Name: The Name of the Group shall be The Telecommunications Heritage Group, hereinafter referred to as the THG.



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