Telecommunications Heritage Group


Dalton House
60 Windsor Avenue
SW19 2RR

Some members of the THG committee are contactable by telephone on 0330 321 1 THG (0330 321 1844). The system is menu operated and will guide you through leaving a message for the appropriate person or for finding out information.

If you wish to contact another member of THG by post, please put your letter in a stamped envelope marked with the recipient's name, enclose this in another envelope and post to the above address.

Please note that the Dalton House address is a forwarding address.  If writing to the THG, please use the complete address, including the letters THG, otherwise the forwarding company may return your item.

Or you may contact us via this form. Your message will be passed to the most appropriate committee member.

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Our Publications

THG publishes four A4 sized Journals each year, packed with news and articles that are written by our members, for our members.


A growing number of THG members have joined CNet - this is a telephone network that uses an Asterisk Voice Over IP (VOIP) system and connects people up all over the world through their broadband connections.  Members have successfully connected old exchanges and equipment to the network, and in the UK we operate using the old STD codes.  See


Constitution of the Telecommunications Heritage Group


1. Name: The Name of the Group shall be The Telecommunications Heritage Group, hereinafter referred to as the THG.



Contact us

Please remember that all committee members are volunteers.  If you contact us using these details or our contact form, you may be passed to a member of THG who will be most likely to help you.

  • Tel: 0330 321 1844
  • Email: Please use the contact form